#1: The Real Beowulf and Grendel


Beowulf, it is one of the most important and most often translated, published and realized works of Old Anglo-Saxon literature . But did he really live or were all his deeds only the fantasies of an anglo-saxon poet or is it based on real events?

This question occupied me for a long time until I came across its traces in the old Scandinavian sources. I did a long research and with this project I want to tell you who is really behind the troll Grendel, Grendel’s mother and the dragon. And why many scholars agree that BÖDVAR BJARKI (old norse: Warlike Little-Bear) and BEOWULF (old english: Bee-wolf= Bear) could be the same person!

My story is a historical fiction based on Old Norse Poem  “Bjarkamál”, Icelandic rhyme “Bjarkarimur” and Hrólfr Kraki’s saga, not a fantasy story like the well-known Beowulf. This old sagas relate to the adventures of the great warrior Bödvar Bjarki and the clanwars between the Migration Period Danes, Swedes and the Geats. 

The scandinavian sources portray a more realistic version of the story of Beowulf (alias Bödvar Bjarki) and is untouched by christian point of view and its moral concepts.

I focused on the Migration Period Pagan cults and Scandinavian customs. You will get to understand, how the Viking age Religion was already formed in these days and what´s truly behind the Berserker Cult and in what way this is related to BÖDVAR BJARKI.

This Bödvar Bjarki´s saga is going to be the first Volume of in total 4 volumes:

-Bödvar Bjarki`s Saga Vol.1: The Real Beowulf and Grendel (this offer)

-Bödvar Bjarki`s Saga Vol.2: The Real Beowulf and Grendel´s mother (in preparation)

-Bödvar Bjarki`s Saga Vol.3: The Real Beowulf and the Battle of Ice Lake Vänern (in preparation)

-Bödvar Bjarki`s Saga Vol.4: The Real Beowulf and the Dragon (in preparation)

Due to the scenes with violent or sexual content, this book is only for adult readers!

This comic book is printed with soft cover and contains about 40 full-colored pages.

the story

AD 520. The Roman Empire no longer exists, an entire continent is in turmoil. High in the north, in the kingdom of the Spear-Danes, the clan wars between the royal families

turned the whole country into a sea of blood. 

The Danish King Hroar (Hrothgar in old Anglo-Saxon) and his family are not even safe in their legendary mead-halls, his bloodline is shortly before the fall.

But a great warrior named Bödvar Bjarki and his 12 comrades from the land of the Geats are rushing to the king’s aid. This is the saga of…

…Bödvar Bjarki, the Real Beowulf!