The Wife of Freyr


This story is about the religious cult of Scandinavian fertility god FREYR and his priestess. One of the historical evidences about FREYR Cult we do have from the Icelandic saga “Ögmundar þáttr dytts”. This old saga relates the adventures of Gunnar Helmingr and his interaction with Cult of FREYR in Sweden.

My fictious story is loosely based on “Ögmundar þáttr dytts” .


“The Wicker Man (1973) and Midsommar(2019) meets Vikings (2013)”

AD 970. Gunnar Thangbrand, eager missionary of the Danish king Harald Bluetooth rages on the coasts of Norway. His goal is to convert the pagan Norwegians to Christianity, to make them faithful citizens of the Danish Empire.

But the Norwegians resist bitterly and fight back the Danes. Gunnar, the only survivor of the danish mission, flees from the vengeful Norwegians to te east. To Sweden, where the Prayers of the bloody fertility god Yngvi-Freyr are living.

Below you can see some pages from my graphic novel.

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